Welcome to the world of High Tesla Magnet

1.5 Tesla = 15’000 Gauss

Did it stop while being in our High Tesla Magnet ? if no, it passes the most restrictive test for watches

We provide

Very high magnet fields

to qualify your production

with 1.5 Tesla in the core

What we do

High power static magnet with up to 70 mm x 70 mm tunnel and up to 910 mm long for industrial applications in testing and qualifying.

Best in the world without auxiliary power !

No competition !

High quality magnets lasting for decades

from mini 1 kg for demonstrations

to maxi 1500 kg….Our patented technology can exceed 1.5 Tesla

We provide high magnets without operating costs !


  1. Machine weight is between 1000 and 1500 kg depending on the length of the tunnel you need for your testing
  2. No electricity needed for lifetime

We design the solution according to your needs and requirements and we build it in a matter of a few months.

The power you need.

The color you like !

Our high static magnets show very strong fields

Measured profile

We calculate every machine we build upon your requirements

Details of achieved values on 9 internal points

A value of 1,5 T has been officially measured in all points depicted in the cross section

Qualifying your product according to the international ISO standard

see the norm ISO 764:2020 Horology — Magnetic resistant watches here:


Our taylor-made products are certified by a Swiss official quality control body

Read more on what mechanical watches shoud fulfill to be certified my METAS the officiel certification body of Swizerland here:


We are ready to listen to your needs

High Tesla magnet by CCS SA
Riond-Bosson 3
CH-1110 Morges, Switzerland

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